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Reasons to Adopt a Cat

  1. Cats are quiet.  They donít bark or growl and they even walk quietly.
  2. Cats are self-cleaning!  No bathing necessary.
  3. Cats pace themselves when they eat.
  4. Cats use a litter box - no 5:00 a.m. walks outside in the rain or cold.
  5. Cat owners live longer.  Itís a proven fact that having a cat helps reduce stress which makes you healthier.
  6. Cats can help make the planet greener by reducing your winter heating bills - they are warm, cuddly lap size heaters.
  7. Just the presence of a cat wards off unwanted mice and pests.
  8. Cats do well in small spaces like apartments.
  9. A catís purr is instantly calming and relaxing.
  10. The best reason of all - when you adopt a cat, you are saving a life!