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Curly - Adopted

Breed:Short Hair
DOB:May 5, 2010


Curly is everything we love about black cats, a super sweet boy!

Hi! My name is Curly and I live with my brothers, Moe and Larry. I'm the middle kid in terms of size. My distinguishing features are: very soft fur, a cute little white patch of fur on my chest and a dot on my left eye.

When we were only a couple of days old our mom was hit by a car. We were extremely fortunate to have a great clinic take us in who lovingly bottle-fed and raised us by hand so I am exceptionally great with people.

I'm good with other cats and animals. I'm very kind with good energy; I love to play, be held, petted and brushed and I have a great purr!

I hope you'll consider meeting me - I'm told I'm a sweetie pie and very very friendly

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